Viva La France

From an American point of view, I believe the only choice in this election is Le Pen. Simply for the fact that she will use her position to protect western civilization in Europe. The west is going down a slippery slope engaging in the kind of reckless behavior it insists on pursuing. Much of this tension raise the concerns for a civil war and armed conflict with groups that pose a direct threat to the security of its citizens. Le Pen’s opponent Macron is a shill that will say anything he can in order to drum up emotion to overshadow reason and evidence. His policies are contradictory and he is a former employee of the Rothschild’s who are well-known members of the banking elite. I have little else to say about Macron because he is a disastrous candidate that is taking cues from the 2008 Obama campaign. French CITIZENS, this is not the time to put into place a wait and see approach. It is time to take back your culture and more importantly your COUNTRY!