There are many reports that are stating that the United States is capable of hacking or destroying crucial parts of the missile launched by the North Koreans. This has raised the question that is it possible the United States has been using a secret weapon to halt any North Korean launches? There is also the possibility that the United States may be destroying these rockets with invisible lasers from high above. The stealth capabilities of the United States fighter jets and drones give us the advantage of being in hostile airspace undetected. I also thought that and maybe you guys can comment below and let me know what you think, but is it possible for that the United States has created an EMP bomb capable of taking down missiles? There is no doubt that the North Koreans are having a hard time launching their rockets in any direction let alone the target they want to hit. This is a possible opening for a tactical strike on the North Korean facilities to take out the threat and end the scourge of communism in their society.